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Friday Apr 05, 2024

A long awaited climate update is here. 
Brighten up your holidays with an episode including unusual amounts of good news (only some stinky bits - literally.)

Sunday Mar 03, 2024

An insight behind the scenes at COP28 with our very own President and Vice President. With a sprinkle of discussion about climate justice and social justice, and the upcoming general election. Thanks to TCS for collaborating with us and recording this! 
Find them on instagram @thecambridgestudent

Friday Feb 23, 2024

What do you get when you cross sound, music, ecology and a care for the environment? 
How can we use humanities in a practical way for the good of the environment? 
Find out in this brilliant discussion with Rhys, who explains the link between reflecting upon sounds, the spaces and communities we create and design and how this can be linked to climate action. 

Thursday Feb 08, 2024

Meet Joey Bream: creator of the College Carbon Impact Tool - a practical way to work out an Oxbridge college's carbon output and reduction estimations. 
Now an energy engineer, Joey's got fascinating experience in making your way into the fields of Green and Clean Tech, tips for saving energy (some as simple as the classic one we all know - turn off those lights!), and how YOU can help reduce emissions at a college level, or channel your desire to help the climate through getting into green industry start ups. 
College Carbon Impact Tool:
Cambridge Climate Tech Incubator (job opportunities):
Sun Bear Biofuture (research team):
If you'd like to discuss the tool further with Joey, get in touch via 

Wednesday Jan 31, 2024

Welcome to Week 2!We cover Saudi cut backs, BP's boundaries, useful ocean races and quite a lot of exciting new AI! Some good news this why not give it a listen.
As ever, follow our instagram @cambridge.climate.society 

Tuesday Jan 23, 2024

In this week's round up we discuss the latest sporting innovations in Cambridge, the exciting new potential of World Wide Wind, the gradual domination of a climate sceptic think tank in the UK parliament and hope for the most endangered Orangutans! 
Interested and want to be a part of the podcast? See the manifesto and apply by emailing me on 
As always, drop us a follow on @cambridge.climate.society on instagram. 

Saturday Dec 23, 2023

A fascinating interview between Aman Vernekar, president of the Cambridge Climate Society, and Reetika Revathy Subramanian. Her doctoral research seeks to make 'visible the labour and experiences of adolescent girls in the context of the climate crisis'. 

Climate News 26th Nov

Sunday Nov 26, 2023

Sunday Nov 26, 2023

The final merry update! 
Please see a link for more information on Chiara's protest:

Week 7 News 19th Nov

Sunday Nov 19, 2023

Sunday Nov 19, 2023

Thursday Nov 16, 2023

Get ready for a very special episode!! 
For the first 30' I speak to Will, Sam from Cambridge Climate Justice and Bracken from the Organisation of Radical Climate Activists. 
We cover their organisations’ principles (5') , what activism involves from paperwork to how to talk to police (7') , the police, public and media (10'), tactics (15') current campaigns (18'), the university's role (22') and the importance of silliness and hope (23')  
For the last 20', Chiara, recently arrested for spray painting Kings College, talks me through their work with Just Stop Oil (30'), the dire state we’re truly in (32'), emotional realisation of the news (37'), their protesting (38') and their solutions and what you can do (41') and the government's action in all the wrong places (46')!
Get involved and check out their organisations!


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